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Let Go

Beauty in the Breakdown

9 March
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Hello, my name is Meg. Um, want to know something about my personality? I hate writing about my personality. Aheh.. anywho, I am an 19 year old bored college student whos main passion in life is Japan and Japanese, and of course J-rock and anime. I lived in Japan last year, and would literally do anything to get back there... That's about it really... if you would like to get to know me better, IM me! I am *always* on AIM and absolutely love meeting new people. :D So don't be shy now!

And for all those Hyde fans...
weekly does of Hyde

HYDE tongue is love

a perfect circle, aioria, aldous huxley, amadeus, angel sanctuary, anime, anime conventions, anne rice, armand, art, baiser, baroque, bass, bass guitar, battle royale, bishounen, blood, blue-b, buck tick, chisato, clamp, computers, cosplay, daisuke, dance dance revolution, das:vasser, ddr, dear loving, die, dir en grey, disney, dope headz, doujinshi, drawing, due le quartz, duel jewel, fanart, fanfiction, food, friends, gackt, ginza, glay, gravitation, gundam wing, h.naoto, hakuei, harajuku, harry potter, hello kitty, hide, hiro, hisashi, hoobastank, hyde, i love lucy, indies, internet, interview with the vampire, inu yasha, invader zim, j-pop, j-rock, janne da arc, japan, japanese, japanese fashion, japanese rock, jils, josh groban, jpop, jrock, kagrra, kaoru, karaoke, kazuki, kendo, kimura takuya, kinki kids, kyo, l'arc~en~ciel, la'cryma christi, la:sadies, language, laputa, lareine, laruku, lestat, lilo and stitch, linkin park, loose socks, lord of the rings, luna sea, malice mizer, mana, manga, miyavi, moi dix moi, morning musume, music, nightmare, oblivion dust, penicillin, phobia, pierrot, piers anthony, plastic tree, plushies, pocky, psycho le cemu, purikura, raphael, reading, rice, rip slyme, rpg, rurouni kenshin, ryutarou, sads, shiina ringo, shinya, shounen ai, silver ash, snowboarding, sophia, sugizo, sukiyaki, sushi, tarepanda, tetsu, the vampire armand, the vampire lestat, tokyo, toshiya, travel, trigun, vampires, vanessa carlton, violet uk, visual kei, w-inds, wyse, x, x japan, yaoi, yasu, yoshiki, you, yuki


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